About Us

Hard-working executives, successful businessmen, bold entrepreneurs, professionals committed to progress; all have one thing in common. Their innovative and pioneering minds make them understand the need to adapt to a changing world, ensure the future of their families and strengthen their financial position to enjoy the lifestyle they deserve.

Do you know what else they have in common? That, by my side, dozens of successful businessmen are already on the right path to financial independence, have mitigated the risks of their family economy and have insurance and retirement plants extremely optimized for their situations.

My name is Sandeep N. Setty, a world-class financial consultant based in Bangalore, offering a fresh, knowledgeable vision backed by years of expertise into financial plans and efficient strategies for your family's economic future. At all the crossroads of a businessman's life on the path to financial independence and a worthwhile legacy, I know how to face each dilemma by helping you make decisions based on in-depth knowledge and choose the options that suit you best.

Whether you want to buy LIC plans and policies, know about business insurance, invest in your child's education or want to opt for estate planning in Bangalore, I know the ins and outs of each subject area, and will develop a step-by-step approach to optimize your plans, improve your decisions and help you save costs and maximize effectiveness. If you want your finances to be optimal and your future to be assured, you must surround yourself with experts who will advise you. My tailor-made services will position you one step ahead of the pack, allowing you to anticipate situations that you will be able to handle in order to continue building a life that you and your descendants will be proud of.

With my help, you will realize that buying insurance policies is not just an expense, but an investment of a lifetime and beyond. As one of the most proficient life insurance advisors in the world, I believe that life is a journey. A beautiful journey, where you must enjoy the lifestyle you deserve and the love of your family and friends. But a journey where there are also stones to be crossed. I will clear the way for you, so that your future is the one you want, and you never have to worry about monetary worries again.

The key to my success, and therefore to yours, lies in a concept that I hold very dear and apply in 100% of my cases: personalization. Each individual has different interests, preferences in life and motivations, and my first challenge is to understand what worries you and what leads you to be the successful professional you are. This way, I will be able to walk you through the benefits of insurance and make sure that the plans cater to your financial planning. Your goals, your earning capacity and your vision of the future will be fundamental so that, applying my skills and expertise, you can control risks, diversify your income and manage tax implications.

I have been an entrepreneur, business owner and executive for world-known firms. I have studied for years from best advisors on the planet and have condensed decades of knowledge and experience in proven strategies that work.

Transparency, integrity and an unbreakable commitment to YOUR future make me your perfect ally to achieve financial freedom, secure your legacy and manage all economic aspects of your life. Get in touch with me and start changing your present to build the future you deserve!


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