About Us


I am Sandeep N. Setty, an insurance advisor with excellent training and knowledge, and committed to helping people as my life's calling. I offer my point of view about financial planning, advising you based on years of training and learning, finding reliable coverage so that having life insurance is no longer seen as an expense but as a real investment.

I will work with you to find the best option that guarantees to put your family safe, but also that you can give continuity to your dreams and projects with the guarantee of the best products on the market.

Because preparing for the future also means thinking about life insurance.

A new approach to securing your interests

As opposed to the classic sale of insurance, in which a company sells only its products, as an insurance consultant, I offer you financial planning on different insurance issues. I want to offer a competitive service and products aimed at exceeding your needs and expectations.

I use the latest technology to manage your policy and give the right advice when there is a change in income or family members. I am laser-focused on life insuranceand subject matter expert in advising as well as servicing policy through systems, processes, technology, and people for hassle-free service.

You are the reason for my work

The service I offer you consists of preventing and anticipating future needs by means of financial planning in the contracting of private insurance. All of this, from the strictest independence and impartiality, in order to protect and manage the risks that you may have exposed.

I provide professional advice based on a personalized analysis with objective studies of the guarantees and the relationship they have with the price of the insurance, and I facilitate any type of consultation, assistance, or advice to resolve any incident that may arise.

I am convinced that insurance is better when it is accompanied by my services because I understand that I provide added value for the protection of your interests.

Key points about my services:

  • My expertise lies in providing financial planning in education, retirement and estate planning, as well as life, business (key man Insurance, Partnership Insurance, Employer-Employee Insurance, Gratuity) and NRI insurances or even income protection.
  • Objective analysis through the study of a large number of insurance opportunities in order to provide the best options on the risk to be covered with the best value for money.
  • Saving costs and time in the search for information, offering the most suitable insurance, both to the individual and the employer, selecting the one that best suits the consumer's needs.
  • Tailored service in the processing and resolution of the claim before the company, as well as in the administration, control, and monitoring of the policies contracted.
  • Advice and information on the insurance market and new developments in contracting that may be of interest to the insured with the guarantee of offering the best service at the best price.


My mission is to detect insurable risks and offer timely and quality advice to guarantee peace of mind to individuals and institutions through an insurance policy with my financial planning.

Taking out an insurance policy is very easy and fast, especially if you have a high-quality product and communication technology. The tricky thing is to detect and awaken the need to take out such insurance, advising and assisting the prospect with quality and professionalism. Establishing financial planning is essential, and my specialty. I provide that vision based on the knowledge acquired during years of learning through my mentors.


I am now embarking on my life's project; I have been studying and learning from the lessons and secrets of my mentor, Dr. Sanjay Tolani, the top-most advisor in the world based in Dubai.

I believe that my knowledge of the industry allows me to build insurance business through my own systems, process, people and technology, and my vision in a couple of years is to position myself as one of the most prestigious and renowned experts in India, consolidate my personal brand and be able to offer my services to hundreds of clients. At this time, I want to project myself as a trusted financial insurance advisor in Whitefield, Bengaluru city.


Communication and empathy

One of my strengths is my ability to communicate with my clients and understand what types of insurance they may be interested in and how they can use it in their daily lives. I put myself in people's shoes and try to understand what worries and motivates them, what makes them happy and how I can help them improve their peace of mind and comfort.

Close guidance

Many of the concepts I deal with in my financial theories are abstract and complicated to understand. Many times, this causes clients to get lost and unmotivated by these issues. Therefore, I am able to break down complex notions into simple steps so that clients can appreciate how insurance and financial planning can help them change the priorities in their lives in a simple way.


The dream that motivates my work, carried out with integrity, will of excellence and vocation of service, is to manage to transform the future life of my clients, so that this one is, every day, more prosperous and is better protected. We live in an increasingly busy society with little free time. I am aware of this, and I want to offer my clients a bit more time, managing everything related to insurance: from contracting, reviewing, searching for better offers, and resolving claims.

Knowledge and expertise

Throughout my life, I have been raised in different branches of work; I have learned to communicate, to sell, and to apply my analytical mind, but most importantly, I have learned to understand people and discern their concrete needs. For several years I have learned from the best insurance experts on the planet, including the honorable Dr. Sanjay Tolani, considered the best insurance advisor in the field. Through his lessons and secrets, I have formed my own criteria, and I am able to evaluate risks with a precision and focus that few advisors possess in the entire world.