Business owners and Affluent Families 

Entrepreneurs' personal finances are quite different.

If you're an entrepreneur, personal finance isn't about putting your money in the market or a retirement plan and hoping for the best. It's also not about sacrificing one's quality of life. It's about having enough recurring money from cash flow to pay your basic needs, so you can swing for the fences in whatever you do and have peace of mind. You can do this by working on your finances as a team, having access to resources, getting second opinions, and bringing in professionals when something is broken or missing to get results and fix it.

 We work with a limited group of CEOs of several companies, prominent members of parliament and assembly, the patriarchs of several wealthy families, many successful entrepreneurs, multiple startups, venture capitalist funds, and high-net-worth families. 

Typical client objectives include the following:

Our clients got here by working hard for a long time, delaying gratification, and taking calculated risks. As a result, they usually value taking good care of their assets more than spending too much or gambling with them. Above all, they want to ensure the fruits of their labor go toward meaningful ends.

 Since your goals are closely tied to your values, we need to get to know you on a deep level so we can best serve you. Before we start a new relationship, we take the time to make sure that our approaches, processes, and philosophies are compatible. This allows us to ensure that we only work with people to whom we can add significant value. If we discover we aren’t a good match, we’ll kindly take the time to help you locate a better fit.

 We invite you to learn more about our background to determine if we might be the right advisors for you. 

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