Mr. Uday Bhaskar

Someone who is a respected member of society, the District Governor of Rotary for 2023–2024, and a leader in the business world says Sandeep truly understands the businessman in and out who runs small, medium, and larger businesses, he personalizes and customizes the financial plans for them to leave a meaningful legacy. 

Mr. B. V Gopal Reddy

Someone who is the president of FKCCI 2022 -2023 trade body which is the mother of many trade bodies in the state and owns a luxury car dealership says that Sandeep is rewriting the theories of the 21st century's insurance and financial planning industries to bring transformative change to the lives and families of his clients.

Dr. Bhoopalam sunil

He is not just a serial author, businessman, and investor but also runs the Gandhi Old Age Home for 100+ inmates, is a true social change maker, and has many state and national awards for his service. He says that Sandeep is the one man you must have on your team if you want to add economic stability for future generations.


President of the Federation of Karnataka Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FKCCI) 2010–2011

CEO, NK Subbiah Setty and Sons (Agarbatti business)

Honorary Consul of Vietnam in Karnataka

As someone who has been writing and promoting non-fiction books on financial aspects for many years, Sandeep N. Setty knows what he's doing. He has busted many financial myths. He is sharing the secrets of life insurance for the first time with people who want to maximize their human life value and protect it. This book is jam-packed with helpful strategies that create a plan B and add economic stability to your finances. This one book, in my opinion, should be on every bookshelf or digital device.

Mr. Yaduveer Krisnadatta Chamaraja - KING OF MYSORE

The king agreed to read my book and keep it in the palace library. He encouraged me to do more for the business owners and affluent families' financial success during the interaction as I specialized in working with them to build and keep their wealth while leaving a meaningful legacy not only for their linage but also for society.

Mr. B.Y Vijayendra

The BJP Karnataka State President for 2022–2023, a former chief minister, Mr. B.S. Yediyurappa Son, a well-wisher of mine, endorsed my credibility as a financial advisor and best-selling author. He was kind enough to launch my soft copy of the 4th book titled "How the rich use life insurance as plan B and add economic stability" 

Mr. Dhiraj

Dhiraj is a smart, ambitious, and corporate lawyer who recommends that you read Sandeep's book to learn about money and get to know Sandeep's insights. 

Mr. Shridhar - Lift Manufacturer 

Dr Madhusudan - Grand Rekhi Master and alternative medicine

Mr. Suhas - Food processing machines; metal and wood furniture

Mr. Sajith - Sheet metal and tube cutting machines trader 

Mr. Sunil - Air Bag Manufacturer 

Mr. Lokesh - Chits and events and media agency

Mr. Rajkumar - Kengen water and Garments Retail store 

Ms. Roshni - Credibility coach 


Testimonial: Rtn. Sandeep Setty helped enlighten a lot of Rotarians on the requirements of estate planning on December 21st. It was a big eye-opener for many of us, as estate planning is something none of us even think about or even try to give a minute to. This 30-minute eye-opener sparked a flood of questions, which Rtn. Sandeep patiently answered. Time paucity halted it, but looking at the response, he opened the alternative to Pandora's box in estate planning in the minds of people. In Rotary, I believe we have a true asset in Sandeep... Cheers, Sandeep, and I do hope we can schedule other eye-openers for different topics.

 Suresh Hooli, President of Rotary Green Park

Mr. Abraham - Website developer 

Mr. Varun - Event management, co-working space

Mr. Harish Manae - Interiors and property developer

Mr. Vishesh - 100 years old interior design company

Mr. Goutham Kothari -Wholesale and retail Gold business. IT company

PDG Rtn BL Nagendra Prasad - Builders and Developers 

Dr Sunil Bhoopalam - philanthropist, Author, Businessman, Investor, Property Developer