I support the group in the position of Advisor &  Director with over 15 years of experience working with high-net-worth families and ambitious business owners on estate planning and private family office management; with a specialization in insurance product design. 

Vision: To be the best place to get help with holistic planning.

Mission: The best choice for successful people who like to use our ideas, creativity, and commitment for a lifetime. 

We assist entrepreneurs to build and keep wealth regardless of market conditions.

 You will have the confidence and clarity to swing for the fences if your entire financial team is unified and following the same plan. 



Sandeep N. Setty is an entrepreneur who has gotten past the false beliefs about money that were hurting his business. Sandeep has been working on building his wealth and keeping it no matter what happens in the market by using his financial strategy that leverages his strengths as an entrepreneur and his value systems. 

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Why Trust Sandeep N. Setty?

Till today, I have helped more than 500 clients with financial planning and am on my journey to inspire and add value to more lives.

I'm a part of a number of global mentorship programs, where I've learned advanced financial planning strategies from top advisors. This means I am equipped with the right skill set to help you with your financial planning.

Aside from all the recognition, I've spent my whole life teaching and helping honest, hard-working business owners who haven't been given the right financial tools to build lasting wealth, live the life they love, and leave a lasting family legacy. 

My Burning Desire is to create:

 My Success Mantra:


Financial planning decisions can be difficult. Rather than spending time to figure it out, why not spend a few minutes sharing it with me and getting my advice? After all, I am a professional when it comes to financial planning.

My approach is intended to help families live wealthy lives and leave a lasting family legacy. The financial framework helps clients find places where money is leaking out, understand that income is always better than assets, and build structures that help them plan their finances for future generations and live better.